Union membership remains steady

by Clay Lucas

28 April 2012

Union membership in Australia has remained steady at 18 per cent of the workforce, the Australian Bureau of Statistics says.

Figures released yesterday show that while the number of union members grew by 46,900 in the year to August 2011, they remained level as a proportion of workers. In all, 1.8 million people were in a union.

Government employees were 43 per cent unionised, while 13 per cent in the private sector were a member. Membership has fallen since 1992, when it was 43 per cent of men and 35 per cent for women. It is now 18 per cent for both.

Average weekly earnings of employees in all jobs was $1070, an increase of $35 since 2010. Weekly earnings for males was $1267, with $849 for females.


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